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5 Life Lessons we can learn from Joanne Rowling AKA JK Rowling.

JK Rowling is the creator/author of the fantasy series Harry Potter. Her titles are world-renowned, and it was one of my favorite series to this day. But behind all of this success - "lies a story of hardship and setbacks."

She knew that she wanted to be a writer from a really young age, but her dreams kept getting derailed. It seems as though life just kept going downhill for her. First, it was the death of her mother when she was 15, followed by a divorce that left her living off unemployment benefits – having to raise her new-born child all alone.

But even with all those setbacks, she managed to stay determined and stick to what she loves - writing. She is truly an inspirational figure who, to this day, still pays the community back as she believes that she should use her power for good and not evil


1. Follow your passion

JK Rowling had a passion for writing ever since young. In fact, she wrote her first novel about rabbits at a young age of 6. However, her parents did not believe that her passion for writing would help pay off the mortgages and rent. But she still did it, because all she ever wanted to do was to write.

My Thoughts: It is so important to find your passion and your purpose in life. Imagine what would have happened if she followed her parent's opinion and decided to work in a day job. There would not be the meme - “Yer a wizard, Harry," and there will be one less philanthropist in the world.

2. Her Perspective of Life

There were many setbacks and obstacles that JK Rowling faced when she was younger. The devastating setback of losing her mother. Falling in love, having a child, and then falling out of love. Being unemployed with a child and having nothing to her name. At one point, she could not even afford to pay her own rent. But because of her mindset and perspective, she felt that it was not that bad as she was still able to write.

My Thoughts: For as long as you are happy with what you currently have, that is all that truly matters. JK Rowling is such an inspiration, especially since I am a young writer. Looking at how she managed to overcome all of these setbacks. Having nothing to her name, with a child while being unemployed would definitely have crushed my spirits. But it is about looking at it with the attitude of “The glass is always full, rather than empty” that speaks volumes about her passion for writing.

3. Focusing on what matters

Her life was not easy, and at one period, she was living off unemployment benefits while raising a child on her own. However, she knew that her writing was what truly mattered and decided to focus all her effort on that. She believes that “Failure meant stripping away the inessentials.” To work on what truly matters and devote all her energy to that.

My Thoughts: Prioritizing what you want to do with your time and your life. It is about really making a change in this world. You could make a dent, a hole, or an earthquake, but the result does not really matter. What matters is you, your beliefs and actually focusing on manifesting these beliefs of yours.

4. Stay persistent

JK Rowling was, in fact, rejected by 12 publishers as no one wanted to publish her work. But that did not stop her. She continued sending in her manuscript until Bloomsbury publishing decided to take a chance on her novel. Even then, she was told that writing children's books were not profitable, and it is better to find another job. Imagine what would happen if she threw in the towel and gave up.

My Thoughts: One of the greatest inspirations I had in my life was Tony Robbins. There was a speech where he said how success is only 2mm away. We may face many setbacks in life, but only those who are successful keep pushing through. We never know where we make our break, for it could literally be 2mm away.

5. Helping others in need

Even after her fame and success, she decided to pay it forward by donating to various charities. Most of which are related to children's welfare and multiple sclerosis (Disease that her mum died from). This could be because of the rough childhood that compelled her to make a difference in society today.

It is also because she believes that she has the moral responsibility to do wise things and give intelligently. For she has been given far more than she needs. She believes that she has to use her power for good, and not evil.

My Thoughts: JK Rowling really inspires me because she was actually the first billionaire writer yet dropped out of the list because of how much she donated to charities. The focus is not on achieving success and racking in big bucks. It is about understanding what you can do with your current power and wealth. How you can make a change in this world - That is power.

In Conclusion

I hoped this article inspired you as much as it inspired me. As a writer myself, I know how tough it can get at times, and it is figures like this that really motivate me to keep going. If you liked this article, comment down below what is your biggest takeaway :)

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